Google Deepmind: Project Gemini01–22–2023This project served as the platform to launch the first public showcase of Google’s new “Any to Any” generative AI model. There was a mixture of speculative design, machine hypnotics (prompt engineering 🙄), and high-level creative direction that went into this collective effort aimed at ushering in the aptly named “Gemini Era.” 

The centerpiece of the launch consisted of a 5 minute “table-top” style video showcasing various feats of strength found within the model. This video was concepted, shot, and directed by myself and handful of amazing thinkers at the Creative Lab. It spoke to our vision of what we wanted these ever-nearing interactions with the tech of the future to not only look and sound like, but to feel like as well. 

“Google admits AI viral video was edited to look better” - BBC
“Google's best Gemini demo was faked” - TechCrunch
“Google has a new AI . . at least one demo wasn’t real“ - The Verge

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