Expanded Childhood01–22–2023This film acts as a speculative exploration into the blurred lines between memory, reality, and technology. With the use of generative AI, my childhood photos have been expanded, creating a new, if not false, context for the scene. In doing so, it raises important questions about the nature of memory and how our brains process information. What effects would longterm exposure to these images have on our brains? Can this style of image-alteration help to reframe tramautic memories and promote healing? Or does it create a false sense of reality that can lead to confusion and cognitive dissonance?

Through a series of experiments with my own father, the film offers a unique perspective on these complex issues. His candid audio reactions to the altered images can be heard throughout the film, giving a glimpse into the power of memory and the influence of external stimuli on our perception.

Runway AI Film Festival -- New York/San Francisco
Immaterial: Digital realities.  -- Tabalakera, Spain
Licensing Con 23 / Hanyang University -- Seoul, SK

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