Nov 23 - Dec 2  2023

This was a lecture series detailing the ways generative AI is exposing new and potential realities and its implications for the human experience. Taking place across Seoul, South Korea, the presentations consisted of conceptual and speculative frameworks for thinking about this technology through an artistic and devoutly human lens.

@ Seoul COEX Studio - Licensing Con 23  (Korean Creative Content Agency)
@ Galdar Media - Galdar Science Media Festival
@ Hanyang University - Machine Critisicm

The lectures took inspiration from my recent film Expanded Childhood,  covering much of the same themes and content matter. However, given the format, I was able to go much deeper into the process behind the film, as well as highlighting other examples that showcase Gen AI’s potential for ushering in new realities. 

The transcript and slide deck of the main lecture can be found below.


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